ITZBund Relies on IONOS

Moving Germany to the cloud

  • Highest security standards for German authorities
  • Enterprise cloud solutions made in Germany
  • GDPR-compliant infrastructure

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Our contribution to Germany's digital sovereignty

"We are proud that the performance of the IONOS Enterprise Cloud has convinced the ITZBund. Our cloud solution developed in Germany stands for maximum security, reliability, and above all, digital sovereignty, which makes it an excellent fit for the federal government's cloud-first strategy," said Achim Weiß, CEO of IONOS.

IONOS supports the ITZBund, the central IT service provider for 200 federal departments and agencies, in building a sovereign digital infrastructure for Germany.

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IONOS delivers the cloud that fits

We believe that security and data privacy are the foundation for sustainable digitalization with the cloud. That is why we are proud to welcome the ITZBund as a new customer of the IONOS Cloud.

  • Our promise: A GDPR-compliant and secure infrastructure.
  • Our ambition: To continuously develop and improve everything that makes up the IONOS Cloud — from IaaS and network services to storage and backups.

Whether private or public cloud, choose IONOS as your partner for a future-proof IT infrastructure.

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IONOS - Germany's trusted cloud

GDPR compliant

Take advantage of the latest storage technologies and stay in control of your data. IONOS S3 Object Storage meets all GDPR requirements for privacy-compliant storage and archiving.

C5 test certificate & IT-Grundschutz certification

IONOS was the first German provider to meet the highest security requirements with the C5 test certificate and IT-Grundschutz certification from the BSI, the Federal Office for Information Security.

Maximum transparency

The IONOS Cloud's transparent, per-minute pricing model gives you complete cost control. This means you only pay for the resources you use.

Open source technology

Maintain full digital sovereignty and future-proof your IT infrastructure. The IONOS Cloud uses 100% open source software, so you can avoid vendor lock-ins and always be ready to expand.

The IONOS Cloud — Suitable for all use cases

The IONOS Cloud, a driver of progress

Dataport, the government IT service provider, is working with IONOS and other prominent partners to develop a fully digital workplace — the dPhoenixSuite. It is the first powerful alternative to all US-dominated collaboration platforms. The IONOS Cloud is responsible for the IaaS part.

Open source for digital sovereignty

The dPhoenixSuite digital workplace consists of web-based open source modules. The independence from the proprietary software of individual providers prevents vendor lock-ins and guarantees the highest level of possible digital sovereignty.

Technical independence thanks to provider diversity

dPhoenixSuite integrates modules from different providers, including groupware services from OpenXchange, file-sharing solutions from Nextcloud, video communication from jitsi, and office applications from Collabra based on LibreOffice.

Transparency for greater security

Transparency is central to Project Phoenix. By operating in public service provider data centers and secure clouds, the government retains full control over its own data and the data entrusted to it at all times.

The IONOS Cloud in practice

The IONOS Cloud platform stands for a powerful and future-proof cloud infrastructure that is "Made in Germany". Many customers from different industries are already convinced.

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The IONOS Cloud platform - FAQs

In the world of the cloud, it's all about flexibility, adaptability, and resilience. For organizations that rely on the cloud, a customized solution is essential. They need to cope with changing traffic and a sea of information without losing sight of the cost-benefit ratio. Safety nets such as duplicates, regular snapshots and data backups are a must.

Backup and disaster recovery strategies play a critical role in minimizing the impact of system failures. The IONOS Compute Engine and Acronis Cloud Backup provide you with a powerful tool. Within the backup console, you can specify exactly which servers or virtual machines should be backed up using which storage method. This also makes it easier to move all or part of your system from physical hardware to the cloud at a later date.

The IONOS Cloud Compute Engine enables you to create virtual data centers that meet your exact requirements and can be operated like traditional data centers. This allows you to implement internal data management policies or meet external compliance requirements without restrictions.

As an offering from IONOS SE, based in Germany with local data centers, the IONOS Cloud Compute Engine is fully GDPR compliant. It also guarantees comprehensive protection against the US CLOUD Act.

IONOS Professional Service Cloud Consulting experts can help you migrate your data and develop effective cloud architectures that can be tested in a proof of concept.

We provide a comprehensive set of pre-built scripts and best practice guides to help you move your IT workloads. Our professional support is available around the clock to help you with any challenges.

The IONOS Cloud Compute Engine is a public cloud offering Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service services. This offering is complemented by the IONOS Managed Private Cloud, powered by VMware technology.

Unlike a private cloud, which provides services exclusively for a specific organization, public cloud services are available to the general public.

A private cloud is either managed directly by the organization or hosted by a provider exclusively for that organization, similar to IONOS private cloud solutions.

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Certified security

The IONOS Cloud data centers are ISO 27001 certified, offering geo-redundancy and exemplary data security.


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