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IONOS Startup Program
The cloud that grows with your business

Ready to level up? Move to the cloud step-by-step, or scale at full speed – we're here to help.

  • 5,000€ to spend on IONOS products
  • Individual support from cloud experts
  • Secure solutions, hosted sustainably
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Grow your startup with IONOS

Ready to launch the next big thing? If you've got an innovation to share, the IONOS Startup Program gives you the support you need in the crucial early stages. You can apply up to 5 years after founding.

You'll have access to free cloud resources and technical support. You’ll also get help with account management and marketing, so you can focus on getting your business up and running.

Why join the Startup Program?

Free cloud services for 12 months

Save €5,000 during the key startup phase while you secure your funding.

Cloud consultants by your side

Access professional services and support from experts who will help design optimised cloud architecture for your business.

Personal account management

Receive tailored advice from our account management experts.

Extended product bundles

Use all IONOS products and get special offers on hosting, website, email and cloud products.

Added marketing value

Raise your startup's profile with joint marketing activities like success stories.

Proven success

Join the network of startups who are building their business with IONOS.

What other Start-ups say

Bianca Kujath RECREWT

"Our intelligent platform matches school students with training organisations to find the perfect fit. As our partner, IONOS doesn't just provide peak data security, but also contacts we can reach any time, and a brilliant startup program."

Bianca Kujath, CEO


"Our secure search engine is Europe’s answer to Silicon Valley’s rampant data harvesting. Privacy is the foundation of everything we do – that’s why we’ve searched extensively for a European cloud provider. With IONOS, we have finally found a partner we can rely on."

Dr. Leif-Nissen Lundbæk, CEO & Co-founder


"As a provider of a cloud-based ERP system, we deal with sensitive customer data on a daily basis. We want our customers to feel sure that their data is in safe hands. That’s why we chose a cloud service in Germany. IONOS was the best choice for us."

Isabella Stegmann Pineda, CEO


"We all know the first impression counts, and that’s also true for websites. At Brimvoid, we help our customers make the perfect first impression. Whether it’s conceptualisation, design, programming or website maintenance, we bring their ideas to life. As a young startup with big ambitions, IONOS helps us take our clients’ projects to the next level."

Malte Sittig, CEO & Co-founder

Get the tools you need

High performance cloud

With IONOS, you access a broad portfolio of high performance cloud infrastructure and platform services for every use case.

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Discounts and networking

Get double the benefit with savings on key products and support from established businesses that partner with us.

Full flexibility

While your startup is taking off, you need room to grow. Quickly adjust your cloud resources to meet every demand.

startup performance visual
Report Cloud Spectator Compute and Storage
Report Cloud Spectator Storage
Boost your startup with unbeatable price-performance
  • An average of 70% better compute performance than the competition

  • SSD storage that outperforms leading competitors, both read and write

  • Premium SSD storage that delivers more in performance per £ than leading competitors

  • Standard SSD storage that provides a high-quality entry option into high-performance SSD storage, at close to HDD prices

Sustainable hosting

At IONOS, you digital growth doesn't cost the earth. By hosting with us or using our cloud services, you can reduce your business's carbon footprint.

All of our data centres in the UK and Germany run entirely on electricity from renewable sources.

We're also continuously working to make our data centres more efficient. New servers are built with the most energy-efficient technologies, and recycled or disposed of responsibly at the end of their service lives.

Apply to join our Startup Program

Interested? Fill in the contact form to apply. Applying doesn't guarantee that you'll be accepted onto the program. Participants will be selected at the discretion of IONOS SE

To take part in the IONOS Startup Program, you need to meet these criteria:

Apply max. 5 years after foundation
Have a verified LinkedIn profile
Have proof of business registration
Have a company website
Participate only once
Accept 12-month limit on free cloud services

Startup Guide

Find the answers you need

There’s a lot of admin involved in launching a business. Get tips for organising and growing your startup in the IONOS Startup Guide.

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Startup Guide